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I have several years of practical experience in the broad area of human rights and with a particular focus on refugees/asylum seekers and complex migration. In turn, I have engaged in curriculum development and assessment, produced training materials and delivered workshops.


This work has resulted in the development of strong research, training, interview, evaluation, interpersonal and writing skills which can be utilised across organisations (non-governmental, governmental, inter-governmental and academic) and with a variety of stakeholders such as survivors of torture.


This period was also underpinned by a dedicated commitment to gender mainstreaming within a human rights based approach and to ensure that gender related violence within the context of armed conflict is recognised, understood and effectively addressed .


Originally from Canada, I have been based in the United Kingdom for the past fourteen years.




Participating in such undertakings has taught me the importance of the transitional process for any organisation and the need to ensure the viability, quality assurance and sustainability of any changes and/or growth. I have also gained an invaluable appreciation of how to work

independently, with others, under pressure and crucially with an open mind.


Please contact me for project details and possible collaboration.